Key Features
  • Micro Processor Controlled
  • Nanosecond Fiber Laser Module


 Parameters Specifications
Center Wavelength 1550 nm typical
Pulse Width 4 ns
Energy Per Pulse Up to 36 µ J
Pulse Repetition Rate 100 – 250 kHz
Output Power 3.6 W
Optical Output 9 mm beam diameter
Output Beam Divergence 0.4 mrad typical
Timing Jitter ≤ 0.50 ns, rising edge of the TTL trigger to the Laser Output Pulse
Control and Communication Interface RS-232, RS-232 voltage level
Dimension 180 x 130 x 49 mm
Power Input +24 VDC +/- 5%
Electrical Interface Connector PN: 173-E25-113R001
Operational Case Temperature Range -5 to +60 0C
Mode of Operation ACC (constant pump current control)


Additional information




Mid power, 1W- 15 W