The Optics group focuses on the development of photonic systems for applications in aerospace, sensing, biomedical, and defense. Our team is made up of PhD and MTech graduates in optics and optoelectronics with extensive domain knowledge, technical skills, and a wide range of real-world practical experience in fibre optics, laser optics, spectroscopy, and other related fields.

Laser products, fibre lasers, EDFA, high power optical amplifiers, and other fibre optics design capabilities are available. Aside from that, the optics team concentrates on providing customised solutions for specific applications. This group also works on optical sensing, spectroscopic systems, microscopic imaging systems, and light measurement systems, among other things.

The R& D facilities include a full-fledged fibre optics assembly lab with facilities for multipurpose glass processing platforms, light measurement and analysis, etc. Apart from this, the clean optics lab is well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment like vibration tables, Optical Spectrum Analysers, optical sources, precision alignment stages and drivers etc. Models of optical systems are initially designed using simulation software, followed by realization of the concept.


The Electronics design team has got expertise in High speed Electronics, Analog as well as mixed signal, Our electronics team comprises of experienced engineers and technicians with expertise in hardware designing, firmware development, PCB designing, device assembly and testing.

Hardware design

High-speed electronics, analogue and mixed signals, microprocessors and micro controllers, RF and high-frequency, and power electronics are among our specialties. The proven basic building blocks make it easy and faster to come up with new designs. The team is well aware of the complexities associated with Optoelectronic controls, thermal aspect as well as signal integrity. All the designs are done taking into account the life expectancy of the components, SD and EMI/EMC requirements.

Firmware development

The expertise in embedded system covers requirement analysis, specification development and implementation, integration of embedded software, application and system programming, graphical user interface as well as interface and protocol development. The team is fully conversant with the state of the art chips, and coding is done as per the industry standards. The developed firmware undergoes rigorous independent testing before release.

PCB design

We works with clients across the globe addressing solutions for highly complex PCB design solutions meeting IPC specifications. PCB Engineering solutions include High Speed PCB Design, SI Analysis (Time Domain and Frequency Domain analysis), EMI/EMC and Reliability Analysis. The design team is well experienced in handling multi layer, complex and dense circuits. The Design for manufacturability as well as design for testing is taken care in the design itself, so that there shall be a smooth transfer to manufacturing.

Assembly & Production

The SMT line combined with Electronic board assembly facility at Vinvish makes it a destination for medium volume PWA manufacturing destination at the best speed. The manufacturing process follows ISO 9001:2000 as well as ISO13485 standards and procedures. The facility is also certified for ESD20:20. There are controlled environment chambers to store special components and the manufacturing facility is ESD protected.


Our mechanical engineering team provides all sorts of design, drafting, modeling, and analysis services to its clients. Mechanical designs are primarily focused on defining solid and surface geometries using AutoCAD as well as Solid works CAD tool. The analysis done is tolerance analysis, finite Element analysis, thermal analysis, etc.  Design to product is further realized in our mechanical production facility.