Our factory is located at Kinfra Industries Park, Thumba, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Both mechanical and electronics production occurs at our factory location.

Production line – Features and Capabilities:-

  • SMT Assembly line – 2 lines
  • Manual Assembly
  • In-house Testing
  • Thermal Testing
  • ESD Protected Area (ESD 20:20)
  • BGA Package Assembly
  • BGA Rework Station
  • High volume manufacturing capability
  • Mechanical fabrication (CNC Milling & Lathe)

SMT Assembly lines

Vinvish have two Surface mount technology (SMT) assembly lines which makes the PCB assembly faster and economic. It includes fully automatic pick and place machines, Solder Paste Mixer, Oven and Reflow Machine.

Functional production line

Electronic Component Assembly

Manual Assembly

We have a separate team for manual assembly for mounting components which cannot be mounted with SMT machines, like through-hole components and connectors

Visual Inspection

The assembled PCBs were cleaned and transferred to the visual inspection team to check if there are any flaws. Rework or repair will be done at this step.

In-house Test Facility

Manual Testing

We have a separate team for manual testing of the boards as per the test plan.

Mechanical Fabrication Assistance Machines

Vinvish have wide variety of mechanical fabrication machines like high volume CNC machines and rapid prototyping machines.