RF Drivers


  • Used for driving acousto optical crystals
  • Upto 1W per channel
  • Distortion free output
  • Digitally synthesized signals
  • Customizable


  • Driving and control acousto optic devices


Single channel or Multichannel RF drivers

The RF driver is basically a high frequency generators and high power amplifier which can give a frequency of several MHz and power up to several watts.  RF frequency is generated and controlled with digital frequency synthesizers and amplified to a few watts without distortion.


 Parameters Specifications
Frequency (MHz) 20 – 200
RF power upto 1 W per channel
Modulation External and Internal, Analogue and digital
Output Connector SMA 50 ohm
Output Channels 1- 8 channels combined
Operating Temperature (Deg.C) 15 to 45
Storage Temperature (Deg.C) -20 to 80
RF Set Resolution 1 Hz
Communication interface USB, Graphical Interface control on PC & RS232
Power Supply 24 V DC, 220 VAC Adaptor Provided


Graphical User Interface

Application of RF Drivers:

  • RF Driver for an Acousto-Optic Deflectors
  • Beam shaping in AODs
  • Multiple beam deflection in AODs
  • Filter band pass shaping in AOTFs
  • Wavelength selection in fluorescence microscopy applications and Laser displays using AOTFs.
  • Supercontinuum light sources using AOTFs
  • Line selection in Light Sources
  • Hyperspectral Imaging
  • Real-time online monitoring of processes
  • Used in industrial, medical, or military applications
  • Confocal microscopy